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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Questions

Where do your designs come from?

Since 2013, all of our Shoe Envy shoes have been designed at our Melbourne headquarters by Australian designer Heather Potter. You can find out more about Shoe Envy’s origins here.

Why do you have so many dramatic textures and colours?

Heather believes fashion should make you feel amazing in your own skin. Her shoe designs are created to let women express who they want to be. So whether you’re feeling bold, passionate, elegant, ladylike, feisty or demure, Shoe Envy has a shoe for that!

How do you make Shoe Envy shoes so comfortable?

Heather loves her fashion but she’s not 21 any more and doesn’t want to suffer for beauty. That’s why comfort is as important as style when designing Shoe Envy shoes.

  • Shoe Envy flats feature a cushioned walking sole making them suitable for anything from shopping, to walking to the train to walking the dog in style.
  • Low heels are constructed with optimal arch to height ratio to remove strain on the arch of the foot and ensure they are comfortable for long hours of wear
  • High heels feature a platform to give maximum height while reducing pressure on the ball of the foot.

But we’re not sensible all the time. If you want to make a big entrance, we do have a few styles that are designed for pure drama!

What are the shoe made of?

Shoe Envy is an animal friendly brand and we intentionally do not use any animal products in our shoes. Instead, we hand select a variety of high quality materials, ranging from metallic mesh, to suede-effect fabric, to highly realistic leather textures in a variety of styles.

Why don't you use leather in your shoes?

Our Designer, Heather, grew up among animals in the remote South Pacific and later worked for animal charity WSPA (now World Animal Protection). As a result of these experiences, she is extremely passionate about nature and has made a conscious choice not to harm animals in the making of Shoe Envy shoes.

Why do you have so many dramatic textures and colours?

Heather believes fashion should make you feel amazing in your own skin. Her shoe designs are created to let women express who they want to be. So whether you’re feeling bold, passionate, elegant, ladylike, feisty or demure, Shoe Envy has a shoe for that!

Where are your shoes made?

Our shoes are made in a town in China known for its shoes – some of the world’s most famous shoe brands are made there. Heather personally travelled there in 2012 to hand-pick the right suppliers and has been working with the same team ever since. By coincidence, the entire Shoe Envy team is female-only – from our manufacturers right through to the dockside shipping team – so we are also empowering women in business at every step of the process. We love that the best men for the job just happened to be all women!

FAQ | Stylish Shoes

Sizing F.A.Q.

Can I exchange them if they don't fit

Yes, we have easy exchanges and returns – no question asked. If you’re not happy for any reason, you can send your shoes back in new, unworn condition in original packaging within 30 days for an exchange or full refund. See our exchange and returns policy for more details.

How do I know what size to get?

No single factory is able to make everything Shoe Envy stocks because we insist on all kinds of weird and wonderful things (Heather once asked them to find blue-ringed octopus-print material – as you do…). This means we sometimes use different suppliers to create the “last”, or skeleton, of each shoe design. Each factory has their own size scale so as a result, the shoes need to be calibrated to Aussie sizes when they arrive in our warehouse.

We provide a chart with each shoe that explains what the Aussie size is and what the marked size is (the size printed on the shoe itself). This will help you when you decide you love that style and want to buy it in every colour but you don’t know what Aussie size a 37 is! (happens all the time!)

We strongly recommend you check out our sizing guide for tips on how to ensure you buy the right size before purchasing to give you peace of mind.

Are the marked sizes the same as Euro sizes?

Sometimes they are and sometimes they are Hong Kong sizes – which use the same numbers but are a bit smaller. So a Euro size 40 is equivalent to an Aussie size 9 but a Hong Kong size 40 is equivalent to an Aussie 8 or 8.5 depending on the style. Always check the size chart before you buy.

I’m a size nine so why is one shoe size "40" and another size “41”?

Different factories have different size standards and we calibrate these to true Aussie sizes when they arrive in our warehouse. We could use just one factory but then we’d be stuck with just one kind of shoe and we need more excitement in our lives than that!

Are your shoes suitable for wide feet?

Most Shoe Envy shoes are a standard Australian fit, so if you have had trouble fitting into shoes at other retailers, unfortunately, you are unlikely to fit Shoe Envy shoes.

Shipping F.A.Q.

How long will it take for my shoes to arrive?

Depending on where you live in relation to our Melbourne-based warehouse, they can arrive anywhere from the next day to around ten days after you order. Unfortunately, people living in WA and NT will have to wait the longest because you’re the furthest away from our warehouse.  Generally, if you haven’t received your shoes within about a week, something is probably wrong, so get in touch with our Customer Happiness Fairy and we’ll chase them up for you.

Where are my shoes now?

You will be provided with a (consignment) tracking number when we dispatch your order so you can see where your shoes are at any time. Click here to use the tracking service by Australia Post. If you’re not in a remote location (including WA and NT – sorry guys!) and your shoes haven’t arrived within a week, please email our Customer Happiness Fairy and we’ll chase them up for you.

How can I get FREE postage?

Your shopping cart will automatically give you the option to add FREE shipping when your order is over $99 unless you are shopping in the Clearance section. When you shop in the clearance, you will pay a flat rate of $10 for postage regardless of how many pairs you buy.

How do I find out about new releases, promotions and awesome clearance sales?

Become a VIP and we’ll keep you updated anytime something cool is happening. You’ll also get special member discounts, secret offers and other perks. And, of course, we won’t spam you or share your details with any third parties – your contact information is safe with us – and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Can I ship to a PO Box?

No. To speed up your delivery, we usually use couriers so we don’t offer a service to PO Boxes. Very occasionally we will use Australia Post to ship to remote locations if the courier service is patchy in those areas.