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Shoe Envy Designer, Heather Potter, and warehouse “snoopervisor” and mascot Snoop Tigr (hates photos)

Welcome to Shoe Envy!

I’m really buzzed that you’re here because Shoe Envy is my passion and my baby (next to Snoop Tigr the gangster cat, of course!) and without you, there’s no reason to keep doing what I love.

I love designing fun, feisty and fabulous shoes so you can wear something that lets you be yourself – whatever that might be. I want you to look gorgeous, get loads of compliments and feel amazing every day – because why the hell not!

Why save the ‘special’ shoes for that one night a year? You might catch a cold that night – wear them today! Live a little!

How Shoe Envy was born


Model wears Shadow Dragon; clothing by Oroceo Castro

I started Shoe Envy because I needed more comfortable heels but I didn’t want to give up the fabulous, stylish shoes I loved.

I’ve always loved wearing dramatic six inch heels but my basketballer’s knees couldn’t take it any more – I needed to downsize. So I hit the shops.

I visited store after store and by the end of the afternoon I was thoroughly demoralised. All I could find were depressing nanna shoes (no offence Nanna) in beige, black and navy. It was almost as if the shoe stores were saying, ‘You’ve stopped wearing high heels now. You’re no longer a woman. Cash in your sex appeal and start wearing granny hose!’

Of course, I revolted. I did what any self-respecting shoe addict would do. I immediately Googled, ‘awesome shoes’, flew to the city where all the good shoes seemed to come from and created my first Shoe Envy range.

Stylish, comfortable, animal friendly and affordable

Since then, Shoe Envy has operated on these four principles – I want my designs to be:

  • Stylish, head-turning, gorgeous shoes that will make you feel sensational (and of course, get loads of compliments, because what’s the point of fabulous shoes if nobody notices them!)
  • Comfortable – really truly comfortable – so you don’t even think about them, you just go out and enjoy your life.
  • Animal friendly: because no animals have been harmed in the making of these beautiful designs – there’s no need
  • Affordable so you can buy them in every colour if you want to. Being fabulous need not be expensive; it can be completely guilt-free – and they’re not even fattening!

You make it all worthwhile

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the past five years. I love hearing from you, seeing your photos and I love that you’re as excited as I am when the new shoes arrive in stock! You make it all worthwhile.


Heather wears Siren Diva

Thanks also for sending me your special requests. I love getting feedback on the designs and hearing about your wishlists. I got a real buzz out of being able to make Michelle’s dreams come true last season when I introduced a purple shoe just for her!

Please do follow us on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to share your photos and feedback there. I read all of it, and yes, it is me posting the cat videos! 🙂

New styles coming!

Keep an out for new designs. Our styles are not mass produced – we do only small manufacturing runs using unique, seasonal materials that we generally can’t get again – so when we run out of stock, we just bring in more fabulous things!

This does mean we don’t re-stock any designs. So if you see something you love, snap it up quickly because once it’s sold out, it’s gone forever.

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