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Create your own dream shoe storage space

Useful stuff

One thing is always guaranteed to stop a guest speaking mid-sentence when they visit my house: switching on the light in the “baby room”. Of course, my babies are of the footwear variety so the baby room is literally…

5 Shoes Every Woman Must Have!

Style Envy

Forget diamonds, we all know shoes are a girl’s best friend! At Shoe Envy we love them all; the flats, the heels, the peep toes, the pythons, the leopards, the bold colour splashes… we could go on… but…

Styled by Fairy Shoe-mother

Style Envy, Us

By  Heather Potter, Designer and Fairy Shoe-mother at Shoe Envy Fashion is a way to speak without words. Whether it’s a bright colour that says, “I’m happy”, a pop of red lipstick that says, “I feel sexy” or…

Doing it jungle style!


My style inspiration comes from nature. I grew up in remote parts of the South Pacific islands and spent my time at the beach; digging in the sand for hermit crabs, collecting star fish in rock pools, chasing lizards…

Evil has a face – and it’s Leah’s


Working in the Shoe Envy design studio is a little bit like being in a Stephen King novel. You see, I share this building and all the glamorous shoes with the face of evil. There are two cats in…

Ladylike – but not as you know it!

Style Envy

Ladylike, but not as you know it… One of the great dying art forms of humanity is how to be a lady. And I’m not talking about the kind of lady who becomes a lovely silent kitchen decoration…

Life Hack: Break in your new shoes in minutes!

Useful stuff

There’s not a lot of down-side to having new shoes but if I had to pick one, it’d be breaking them in. That’s why this is so exciting. You don’t have to wear them a few times to…