Since Shoe Envy was born over four years ago, we’ve been donating a portion of profits to charities working to protect animals. I have always been a mad animal lover and that’s why Shoe Envy is cruelty-free.

But I have another passion and recently I was lucky enough to travel to the Philippines and see this work first-hand. I saw several people, including some young children, have a short operation that restored their sight.

Many of these people had never seen the faces of their own families

They were blind one day and the next – they could see.

It made me want to do more. So I’d like to ask you, my Shoe Envy family – where would you like your donation to go? When you shop at Shoe Envy, would you like me to continue donating to animal charities, or would you like to give sight back to the blind? Have your say below. (Note: Shoe Envy will remain always, cruelty-free).